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Johnson Tan

Marketing Manager at Kiwi Properties Pte Ltd

I am a Marketing Specialist, whom occasionally travelling outside; meeting with agents and prospective clients when opportunity arises. I focus on promoting Kiwi Properties website, advertising space, so as assist in contacting potential clients whom are interested on those advertised properties.


More importantly, building relationships with clients and property agents so as learning about their needs, and include referring potential buyers to the relevant property agents.


If should you have any enquiries on any real estate or Advertising on Kiwi Properties website, please contact me at [email protected].


我是一名专业的市场行销顾问, 无时无刻都在为潜在的客户创造机会, 规划行销策略和执行商业宣传以达到推销客户的房地产和服务的目标。


我也专注和积极的从各方面提升Kiwi Properties 网站的知名度, 以便更有效的为客户开拓商机, 同时也为消费客户提供另一个消费选择。


更重要的是我重视建立客户之间的联系, 愿意聆听产品客户和消费客户的需求,以便为双方做更好的推荐。

如您有任何关于产业方面的询问或有意在  Kiwi Properties 网站刊登广告,请通过  [email protected] 联系我。

Agent Name:Johnson Tan
Title / Position:Marketing Manager
Company Name.:Kiwi Properties Pte Ltd
License No. / Ref No.:UOA1008
Email.:[email protected]

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