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With Kiwi currently is slowly getting recognize not only in Singapore, but throughout the region as well. As we are constantly publishing our Kiwi Properties listing in many media i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.. We combine space for property listings with in-depth data. Each areas / location and has a clickable location map, and a premier city map. These maps lead to well-researched to district data, which helps users discover the these location or estate more easily.


Private owners can list property on a network of sites that includes simple Guide. Feel free to ask any questions using the feedback form to email back to our administrative, and we’ll reply you with more comprehensive answer.


Agents & Developers
If you are a real estate agent or property developer looking to advertise property on this site, or sponsor a report, please contact us using the form. We will definitely help you to market and attract many interested and potential buyers


There is no reason to be sceptical, as Kiwi Properties Management Team has numerous years in Sales & Marketing, and are very specialize in getting the required attention of local and regional buyers